Klankvorm #2 KINO Rotterdam Honzo + Nan Wang 15 JUN 2017

Klankvorm is a Rotterdam-based platform for the realisation and presentation of experimental audiovisual art. Klankvorm events take place in different locations and feature audiovisual performances and related presentations by participating artists. Klankvorm aims to initiate, commission, and present new works by sound artists and visual artists who collaboratively explore the audiovisual domain.

Klankvorm #2-Honzo+Nan Wang excerpt from Nan Wang on Vimeo.

Liquid Pulse
analogue audiovisual performance by Nan Wang & Matthias Hurtl

analogue film and sound festival @WORM Rotterdam 5th November 2017
The audiovisual performance Liquid Pulse explores macroscopic images and movements of dust and liquid by using DIY analogue projectors. Both the visuals and the sound are synchronized with the performer's heart pulses, transforming this almost unnoticeable but vital activity into a noisy and immersive audiovisual experience.

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